Candy Bird
b.1982, Taiwan

Based in Taipei, Taiwan, Candy Bird is a mural artist whose international portfolio has been expanding rapidly. He has tagged decrepit concrete facades in Beijing and Berlin, filled up the walls of boutique spaces in Taipei and Tokyo, and painted with children as an outreach to communities in Myanmar and Brazil.

Trained in conventional oil paintings, Candy Bird now works with buckets and spray. His satirical characters–the large---skulled figures for which he is known–at once make a mockery of the urban graveyards in which we walk, and at the same time revitalize them, bringing an aesthetic vibrancy which he has spread across the world, from the brick bastion of mega cities to the stucco siding.

2015, invited by Slowork, Candy Bird try to describe, with a short comic, his feeling of frustration and powerlessness during the social movement, witch is about two parallel worlds. This work will be published in FRONTLINE Z.A. with Slowork Publishing.

2012 Wet Paint Drying (Solo, ACRO-POLIS, Taiwan)
2012 (Anthology, ACRO-POLIS, Taiwan)

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