Halo-Halo Manila

Jimmeh Aitch 黃駿

Jimmeh Aitch had spent a year in Manila working as a college professor. In this documentary comic book, he recounts his various experiences as a Taiwanese expat in the Filipino metropolitan and also stories from his spouse’s native Manileño family. The sometimes serious topics are often told in Jimmeh’s uniquely humorous ways. Sincere self-reflections can also be found in the stylish black-and-white pages. Overall, expect a portrayal of Manila that is as chaotic as it is vibrant.

“Halo-halo” is the name of a popular ice-cream-based delicacy in the Philippines that boasts a generous mixture of delicious ingredients. A collection of five independent tales that complement one another, hopes to offer its readers a satisfying experience similar to going through a bowl of halo-halo.

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