2015 Penang conference
TIBE 2016

2016 TAIPEI INTERNATIONAL BOOK FAIR is during 16 to 21 Feb at World trade center in Taipei. You can found all the publication of Slowork at A210.


Lauch : Saung Langit

Mandarin+Indonesian version now on sale!
More info : http://www.sloworkpublishing.com/en/catalog/shelter_of_the_sky.php

Frontline Z.A. on UDN Taiwan
Collection folder

Free handprinted collection folder for before 2016/1/20.

Black satin paper + white & black bright ink + red matte ink + red elastic.

Order link

The printing will be finished and send around the beginning of February.

Handprinted cover for the pre-order

Free handprinted cover for all the pre-order of before 2016/1/20.
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All the order will be sent at the beginning of February.

(up) Mandarin title screenprint cover
(middle)Indonesian title screenprint cover
(down)inside offset cover

Bonus-Children's comic

(Saung Langit) will give you a 10 pages bonus of children's documentary comics!

Article on 4 ways-voice

Thanks to <4 ways-voice> Indonesian version, you can click the image to read it.

FRONTLINE Z.A.offset version now on sale

The English version of our comic anthology Frontline Z.A. is coming out ! This title has combined five social issues about Taiwan, created by five Taiwanese authors.

This version is an offset-print on the newspaper with a beautiful Pantone color U222.

Please check this page for all the information and order directly on our on-line shop!

Silkscreen work for SoBD

Here are some images about a beautiful printing of CHEN Che's work.

100% Hand print with the silkscreen, black and white on the red paper, limited in 30 copies.

It will be in Paris for the event SoBD. and Che will be there to sign for you ! Don't miss it! More informations : sobd2014.com

Special edition of CHEN Che

Here are some images about the special silkscreen version of 4/28 AM 4:00> by CHEN Che.

100% Hand print with the silkscreen, limited in 30 copies, with English and French translation.

They will be in Paris for the event SoBD, and author will be there to sign for you ! Don't miss it!

More informations : sobd2014.com

Slowork x SoBD Paris

Author CHEN Che, who participate the comic anthology Frontline Z.A., is invited for SoBD in Paris. SoBD organize an exhibition and some conferences about Taiwan this year. Che will present the new generation of Taiwanese comic art, with her big-size original drawing, her self-publishing work, and her work published at Slowork.

You can also find all the published work of Slowork at this event.

Date : 4th 5th 6th December 2015 entry free
Website : http://sobd2014.com/
Place : la Halle des Blancs Manteaux, Paris Ive

Translation and book exchange

We are gonna put some children's documentary comic in Shelter of the Sky. If you are able to translate the Indonesian to Mandarin, you are welcome to exchange one offset comic book (once it is finished) with one to two pages translation of these children's comic .

If you are interested in it, please write to us and we'll send the requested content to you.

Madarin title for Shelter of the Sky

We choose 3 mandarin titles for Shelter of the Sky, if you can read Mandarin, please use 10 seconds to tell us which one you like.

Thank you very much!! Here is the google form.

Press - Magazine New 7, Taiwan
Interview of FRONTLINE Z.A.

These interviews are in Mandarin, but you can see some images about each authors!





Jimmeh Aitch

Dedication event of FRONTLINE Z.A.

The dedication event of FRONTLINE Z.A. in famous independent Comic shop MANGASICK at Taipei.

Left1 : YANG Yu-Chi
Left2 : HUANG Li-Pei & CHEN Che
Left3 : The original drawing of CHEN Che

Right1 : HUANG Li-Pei
Right2 : Candy Bird
Right3 : Jimmeh Aitch's drawing

This book is now only available in Mandarin, please looking forward for the English version which gonna be published very soon.

New project in progress Shelter of the Sky

Here we present the new project Shelter of the Sky create with a group of Indonesian authors Vudu, Leo and Syswandi.

This is a story about 3 groups of children from Tasikmalaya, west Java of Indonsia, here you can see our protagonists on the photo.

For more information about this graphic documentary, please see this link.

【FRONTLINE Z.A.】- Bookbinding
【FRONTLINE Z.A.】- On Print

In this book, each comic has it's own colours, so we have to prepare total more than 10 colours. And each artist has their own styles and own paper, so we must pass a lot of time to making print test.

The print work of mandarin version start from march until now, which is really a hard work, we hope the reader will really enjoy it !

【FRONTLINE Z.A.】- Papers

We want to choose different paper to present the character of each author and their stories. It's chaos in the story of CHEN Che, different memories and time mix together, so we try to use the half-transparency tracing paper ; the drawing and the characters in the work of Li-Pei look so fragile, so we choose a hand-made, very thin paper, which is full of fibre ; in the RCA story, drawing by Yu-Chi, those workers suffered a lot, but they give us a very warm feeling, we finally try to use the Munkedal paper, which is very light and could present a very natural and soft colourr ; the work of Candy bBird and Jimmeh Aitch have a lot of flat colourr, so we chose the ivory paper to have a brilliant ink effect.

New project in progress【FRONTLINE Z.A.】

【FRONTLINE Z.A.】is a anthology of graphic documentaries. All the story is about the social movement in Taiwan. We work for this project from may 2014, and finally make sure the list of authors at the beginning of 2015. Here you can check the profiles of Jimmeh Aitch, YANG Yu-Chi, CHEN Che, HUANG Li-Pei, Candy Bird.
Please looking forward for this project!

Autographe event

Autographe event of Yang, Yu-chi: 2015/2/15 14:00-14:45

Place: Taipe World Trade Center Building 1, B311 Stand

We prepare two silk screen-printed cards for the first 30 reader!

2015 Taipei international book exhibition

Slowork will present [FACTORY] in the 2015 Taipei international book exhibition.

Date: 2015/2/11-16
Place: Taipe World Trade Center
Building 1, B311 Stand

More info

[FACTORY] in Anguleme comic festival

[FACTORY] was presented in Anguleme comic festival with the other Taiwanese comic artists.

Slowork in Paris

Now you can find Slowork Publishing in this legendary bookstore [Un regard moderne] in Paris!

More bookstore where you can find SLOWORK.

[FACTORY] offset re-edition

[Factory] was re-edited in offset version in 2015, this version - combined Mandarin, English and French texts - has a bigger size and some more finesse in the detail of drawing. Printed with a special pantone color, which is more intense than the quadric color. A whole new cover design with metal color and an subtle effect of snow with foil stamping in white color.

BUY IT WITH SLOWORK ON LINE (Author can get double royalty)


Exhibition of Jimmeh at Clermont-Ferrand

Thanks for all these people who bought this special version for the exhibition, and the other who give Jimmeh so much help and support. Please looking forward for the complete version of Halo-Halo Manila in 2015 !

If you want to get the news of this publishing, please inscribe our Newsletter.

Halo-Halo Manila - The dignity on the street -

This special version is printed for the event 15trh Rendez-vous carnet du voyage at Clermont-Ferrand on November which Jimmeh is going to join. And we are very happy to get the news that his book is selected for the INTERNATIONAL SKETCHBOOK PRIZE!!

The whole book is screen-printed by hand, limited in 64 copies and only sale on this event. The cover is double colours on a fabric texture paper, with an image of Jimmeh who is eating Halo-Halo ; inside pages are printed with a very beautiful deep blue-purple ; the package is printed in xmas red on a handmade Dai ethnie paper, sewn by singer machine. If you can pass by Clermont-Ferrand on 15-17 Nov 2014, you can\\\'t miss it!

Rendez-vous carnet de voyage

Invited by Redez-vous carnet de voyage, author Jimmeh Aitch is going to show his graphic works about Manila in Clerment-Ferrand (France) at this November.

We are gonna screen-print a special preview version of "Halo-Halo Manila" for this event. If you will be in France, don't hesitate to come!

The screenprinting process of FACTORY
Press - dpi (Taiwan) issue 183
Press - ha wan pao issue 8

ha wan pao is a monthly paper about people who make beautiful things.

Anna Gleeson interview all kind of creator who live in asia (mainly in HK) and keep thier "original not correct English", the simple style photo and sober layout also mark its style.

Now you can buy it at Hong Kong, Taiwan, China(Kunming) and Malaysia!

Conference: of Yang Yu-chi

The last event of 2014 that Yu-chi will be present :

Conference at Le Pigeonnier book store Date: 2014/07/12 14:30 adresse: No. 9, Lane 97, SungChiang Road, Taipei, Tel : 02 25 17 26 16

more information here :


Event : Not a big issue


Independent art book fair "Not a big issue" in Taipei.

Where to buy 【FACTORY】?

This book on our online shop has been sold out, please check these bookstores and event :

Mandarin and english version is available at KUBRICK book store (Hong Kong).

The french version will be available at LA PIGEONNIER book store from july.(Taipei)

Yu-chi will present at -Not a bog issue- art book fair in Taipei, each version will be available. (Taipei)

These three places have very fews quantity, if you miss it, you can contact us or subscribe our newsletter to follow the next edition , Thanks for all your support.

Pre-sale of 【FACTORY】

The first graphic documentary of Slowork Publishing is coming in 10 days, here i propose a pre-sale for you, with a handmade limited present (100 pieces).

The first shipping will be organised around the May 15 .

Please check all the detail and the photo of book in this page.

Book binding of « FACTORY »

In the beginning, it was designed as accordion binding, and we use a 120g paper which can let reader turn the page more smoothly(which is very important for Yu-chi). One day in a bookstore in HK i realise if you make a accordion binding, you should use a very strong paper, otherwise, it could be very fragile (i saw a accordion binding book which was totally damaged).

So we went back to a firm book, easy to handle, easy to turn, well-protected.

To fix the book, we used a thick thread and sewing by a Singer machine.

To protect the book, we make two covers, the inside cover is Kusaka paper with a very soft texture ; the outside cover is a very industrial style silver paper with a 3 colors screen-printing.

Hope you keep this for 100 years!

coming soon

"FACTORY" ,whole book in screen-printing, three different versions in Mandarin, English and French is coming soon.

Cover design in progress

Ideas from Yu-chi, and some test from editor, we are still working on it, all advise is very welcome!!

Trash Advanture

New story from Jimmeh Aitch with powerful black & white!! This one gonna cost a lot of ink !!

Draft from Life around the tea

Life around the tea is (slowly) in progress with the spring tea 2014, but we are not gonna promise you the book will be release with which year's tea.....

These draft drawing will be in different pages.

FACTORY started to be printed!

Yu-Chi has finished his first graphic documentary "FACTORY" at the end of 2013.

After one year of preparation, our studio begin to screen-print "FACTORY" since one week, as you see on the photo. it's a long work because each page is printed by two hands from one person, who is also the editor ! After the Chinese new year, we still need 6-8 weeks to finish this books. So the publish date might be in april 2014.

FACTORY will be available in English, French and Mandarin, and derive on two kind of paper and two different colors. An exclusive surprise will also be available for the pre-sale on line. If you want to be the first to get the publish information, please subscribe our Newsletter!

Free postcard for the new year!

Happy New Year !

Slowork is going to send 300 screen-printed free postcard to the new friend who subscibe to our Newsletter ! 150 pieces will be reserved for asia and 150 for all the other zone.

Printed by hand in our studio, the drawing of these postcard announce the future graphic work of our author!

Exhibition and Xmas sale

Four screen-printing produced by Slowork Publishing is exhibit at Le cercle des voyageurs at Brussels.

UP : Print by the artist of One day of a tea producer, Olivier Schneider.

middle:From Factory,Yu-Chi YANG, print by Slowork.

down: The example of Factory comic production, it will be finish at spring 2014, all book in screen-print.

All these Screen-Printing is FOR SALE, less than 10 available, before 28 November is possible to ship from Belgium with a good price, DON'T MISS IT FOR THE BEST XMAS GIFT FOR YOUR LOVLY FAMILY WHO LOVE COMIC.

All the income will be put on the documentary comic production of the same artist. Thanks for your support.


up and middle : 9 october, Taipei, JXJ book store, meet with artist Yu-Chi YANG. Presentation of the original drawing and the screen-printing production.

down : 6 November, conference in Brussels about different media to documentary asia. With artist Olivier Schneider, Bert Oo and the editor of Slowork Publishing.

Conference and Exhibition in Brussels

Slowork Publishing will participate two event in November at Brussels, here is the program :

Conference "Documenter l'Asie sensible"
6 Nov 20h30-22h at "La cercle des voyageurs"
With editor of Slowork Publishing Pei Shan HUANG, Artist Olivier Schneider and Bert Oo

Exhibition of Photography and Screen Printing
7-17 Nov at La cercle des voyageurs
Artist: Olivier Schnerder, Slowork Publishing

Some limited signed and numbered Screen-Printing of artist Olivier Schneider and Yu-Chi YANG will be sold on these events, contact us or coming if you want to know more!

Thanks for transfer these events to your friends who live in Brussels!

Myanmar Graphic 3

1-3 weekly comic paper

4-6 popular collective or single edition

7 example of Myanmar style printing

8-9 Burma Chronicles of Guy Delise, Burmese version which i found surprisingly at a kiosk in Yangon.

Looking forward that one day, Slowork editon will be found at a kiosk or a small bookstore in this country, even with a bad printing!

Myanmar Graphic2

In Myanmar, we can still find a lot of hand- drawing sign on the street , this view become very vintage in many other country.

Small scale screen-printing is also very practical there, in the photos 6&7 we can see the screen-printing Buddhism fan which is made by a simple screen.

Dignity on the street

To all the reader who know JiMMy already, today we would like to present the new artist name of author : Jimmeh Aitch,and his future documentary comic 【Halo-Halo Manila】

Halo-Halo, which is in the title of the book, is a local food based by ice-cream and a lots of other ingrediens. In Halo-Halo Manila, Jimmeh, as a story teller,guides readers to immerse inside of several personal anecdotes and sometimes be suprised by the Manila everyday life.

Here we present you four final drawing of the second chapter calls "Dignity on the street ", begin from the different living environment of different social class, than a friend of Jimmeh Aitch who lives on the road, and finish at a "big affaire" of his neighborhood. This chapter shows a real Manila street which we can't see on our way of travel or in a history book of Philippines.

FACTORY coloring and two color print test

The work "Factory" will also be 2 color screen printing, Yu-chi used to make something colorful with watercolor or acrylic, so this coloring way will be a challenge for him.

We have a first coloring test for P14, after page 14 we will use a clear grey-blue, click the picture to enlarge and see how light and ambiance change with his coloring !

pix1, positioning between the black line silk screen and the paper which was already printed the blue.

pix3, modification on the computer. The two color have to overlapping on their border, because screen printing can't be so precise. But we have to also consider about the form which is overlapping, because this part will be more brilliant and more thick.

Color working in progress...

Slowork limit their author to use only two color and the color of paper in their comic, this is a challenge for them. Olivier is trying to create much more than three levels with this condition, here is three phases of the development, it's not finish yet, see how rich we can make with two color!

Because of tea, Olivier choses the green, it looks easy to paint the nature in green, but how about the indoor scenes? Let's see, let's see ;)

Also, we can notice that the color and line have no divide, both colors could be the line or color ! So author cannot draw the line first than make the color at the end, he has to work it together, such a hard work right ? That is why you still have to wait for a long while !

Myanmar Graphic 1

There is a lot of book-rented shop in the small town in Myanmar (picture All of their comic is local one, the foreigner comic is not coming yet, maybe that is why Myanmar comic is so dynamic and popular here. With the opening of this country, these thing might be abandoned very soon, or become precious but be inside the museum.

All the rented-comic are binding with a cotton string and a plastic film to make them more solid (picture 4). We can find, at the last page, the date and the name of people who rented this book. Young people and people who sale betel like to rent books a lot.

Otherwise, in the small bookstore which sell only the practical book, we found several comic-paper (picture 8.9)!

We hope in the future, Slowork can collaborate with Myanmar author and Myanmar publisher, so that we can bring this dynamic energy to you, and share the other culture with them.

Please expect the next news about Myanmar Graphic!


Professor Jimmeh Aitch got his baby and finished his second short documentary comic "DIGNITY ON THE STREET" in his summer vacation, double Congratulations!! Félicitations! Pagbati!

Here is the favorate page from Slowork editor in this story, please click to see the whole page.

Print test of 【Factory】

We got some line drawing of 【Factory】 , we hope to chose a kind of paper which can give some warm texture to this cold story. So here is the result, it looks really nice and give a warm touch when you read, but this paper absorb more ink, so sometime a bit of detail will get lost, it's such a difficult decision ...

New author : Yu-Chi, YANG

Today, Slowork would like to present our new author Yu-Chi, YANG and his documentary comic in progress 【Factory】.

About Yu-Chi
Work in progress : Factory

Story-board from Jimmeh

We are running the second short documentary comic with Jimmeh, and here are some story-board of the first two stories about Philippines.

Mandarin editing & print test

1.Vectorize the scan file of Jimmeh's hand-writing mandarine text.
2.Start to putting the mandarin character in the dialogue frame.
3.Screen-print several one to test if the characters are clear and if the screen can keep using long time.
4.The result of computer editing.
5.The result of the screen print test, quite clear!

Olivier's research

Olivier finished his last research for One Day of a Tea Producer in October, now he is going to make the story-bord when he has time out of his job, please be patient with our slow-work!

Jimmeh in Gwan

As a professor in the university, Jimmeh often has to draw his comic in the night. This time he use the most simple tool - white paper and the black pen - to create some rich shadow and all kind of ambiance effect.

The computer and all kind of drawing tools' knowledges are not so necessary for the comic, the essencial are a good story, a good story teller and a good patient.

Cutting test

We make a double face printing of 8pages and make a cutting test. Our books size is preview for 15.5x23cm which is easy to read even on the bus!

The beauty of screen-print

Screen print can present a thicker ink and a stunning color (you can see the detail in the last two photos). With the first photo, you can see the different of the black and white between a normal printed comic and a screen-printed comic.

To print the hand-writing chinese characters small and clear in screen-print is a challenge, the test is readabal, but we'll try to improve it more in the future!

Article about tea producer WangBing

The Author Olivier Schneider, who is making a documentary about Puerh tea culture, is going to draw a documentary comic about the daily life of a small family producer in YiWu mountain.

Here is his article (En/Fr), which describe their background, their work, their tea garden and their tea.

For this, we have already been their home three times, and we will go back again in this autumn during the tea season for more preparation of this comic.

Print test 1- paper choosing

Slowork received the first drawing of Jimmeh, which present his and his wife's families. We made a first screen, all the detail is wonderful. We can print when it is dry.

We make the print test with more than 10 different papers, JiMMy's drawing is very fine, if the paper is not smooth enought or it absorb too much ink, couldn't present the detail of this kind of drawing very well.