Olivier Schneider

After years of involvement in contemporary art and new media that marked his promising career in earlier age when, Olivier Schneider leaves this world of galleries and museums to settle in the countryside of China.

From 2006 onward, Olivier Schneider has dedicated his life to an intensive research on Puerh tea and the culture of Yunnan. His devotion has gradually transformed him to one of the western leading experts in Puerh and his pure passion for Puerh is his only guidance. He spends most of his time in tea fields of Yunnan in search of the finest teas and their history, in meeting the producers who give life and soul to the variety of tea, and with words, he depicts this self-enriched life of rural Yunnan.

"Life around the tea" will be Olivier Schneider first graphic novel portraying a local tea producer. The project revives his passion for drawing and graphic design and on the other hand gives the artist the space to share the intimate relationship between his personal universe and this tea producer family----of which has become his daily life.

Olivier's Press
The website of Olivier's research www.puerh.fr

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