Shelter of the Sky(SAUNG LANGIT)

Writing :
Vudu Abdul Rahman

Drawing :
Leo Ruslan Aryandinata

Vudu, Panji and Edi lead three different children communities in a small Indonesian city – Tasikmalaya. Percisa Kids founded by Vudu is a group of elementary school children ; Shelter of the Sky leading by Panji is a group of children scavengers ; and SAI leading by Edi is a group of orphans.

This comic documentary how these passionate teacher break the barriers between the social class and the traditional education system, to bring a multivariate development to these children. And how these encounter make children from different background became friends, learning and helping each other.

These anecdotes of these simple children are just like some excellent cinema of Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami. Nothing is tragic or dramatic, they are just some pieces of the real life, but this simple life and dream just become so far and so rare in certains society.

Are those children who play their video game all the day could imagine the other who don't even have a paper? Are those children who pretend they are princess could understand the value of a ball which made by trash? And for those who always want to eat MacDonald, could they understand that the biggest dream of the other is be able to eat a real fish for once?

Perhaps, if they meet each other in the “Shelter of the Sky”, they will understand each other, and bring the simple smile to the world.
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