Vudu Abdul Rahman

Born in June 7, 1983 in Tasikmalaya, West Java, Indonesia. Vudu became an elementary school teacher since 2007, now teaches in Perumnas First Cisalak Elementary School. In 2010, he founded the community “Percisa Kids” as a learning space outside of school for the primary school children. This community is specially focus on the literacy, audiovisual, journalism, social understanding and creativity.

Vudu's writing work, such as essays, short story and poet are already published in different anthology, online media and literature festival.

In 2011, he published a book which collected numerous writing from the children of Percisa Kids.(Yogyakarta, For Teachers, Friends, and Alamku by Leutikaprio Publishhing)

In 2014, he wrote down his education experience into a comic script Shelter of Sky. This work, collaborated with Syswandi for the scenario and Leo Ruslan Aryandinata for the drawing, will be published in 2016 by Slowork Publishing.

Facebook: Vudu Abdul Rahman
Twitter: @dduduar
Facebook: Percisa Kids