About Slowork publishing - The concept and the principle about Slowork publishing


Slowork Publishing, founded in 2013 and based in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, produces documentary comics set in countries across the Asian world. Slowork comics make Asia come alive for the reader through biography, autobiography, memoirs, anecdotes, reportage, vignettes from everyday life, and first-hand personal accounts.

The project aspires to forge a unique form of documentary unlike that of either film or literature, treating topics thus far less often addressed in Asia, as seen through the eyes of talented writers.

Each volume will be published in Chinese, English and French, and will aim to offer a balanced presentation from two perspectives – first, that of helping Asian readers to see their own culture with new eyes; and second, providing Western readers with an authentic and nuanced view of the real Asia that shuns cliché.

What is graphic documentary?


The name “Slowork Publishing”, comes from the Chinese adage, Màngōng chū xìhuó 慢工出細活, which translates roughly as “Slow and patient effort produces refined work.” This is our spirit.

Highest priority is given to producing an exquisite product, in both the quality of the impressions and that of the materials. This is accomplished by screen printing and binding each and every volume by hand. It is our goal, through the exacting demands of the screen printing process, to create an entirely new aesthetic for comics.

What is screen printing?
But before adding the finishing touch that brings a book to life, and sometimes even before the very first pencil stroke of the rough draft, must come a long and passion-filled creative process – which we invite you to discover for yourself on SLOWORK PRESS

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