The description and the question about the "documentary comic".

What is the "graphic documentary" ?

In the graphic novel, comic or illustration domain, some authors present the documentary work, just like the documentary film or documentary literature.

This kind of work has not only enlarge the possibilities of documentary media, but also bring the graphic work to another level.

It takes some graphic public to concern more the world and the others life, and also let some literature public to begin to get interested the graphic work.

There is almost no limit of "footage": author has a freedom to create the structure with the interview text, his own text, and the image of memory, of pass, of dream, of present. The paper media can go around the would easily and the visual language could connect different people from different ages and different country.

Today, a lots of graphic documentary which is published and be well-known, such as MAUS of Art Spiegelman, Palestine of Joe Sacco, Persepolis of Marjane Satrapi...etc. This kind of creation became to be important and influenced.

Slowork want to publish this kind of work and specially focus on asia. The publisher of Slowork is original from Taiwan, and live in-between China, HK and the other countries in south-east Asia, the objet is find out local people from all this countries and tell their own story in this graphic way.

More about the published Asia Graphic Documentary, please check the SLOWORK EDITOR BLOG.