Slowork Press - Shelter of the Sky

Lauch : Saung Langit

Mandarin+Indonesian version now on sale!
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Handprinted cover for the pre-order

Free handprinted cover for all the pre-order of before 2016/1/20.
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All the order will be sent at the beginning of February.

(up) Mandarin title screenprint cover
(middle)Indonesian title screenprint cover
(down)inside offset cover

Bonus-Children's comic

(Saung Langit) will give you a 10 pages bonus of children's documentary comics!

Article on 4 ways-voice

Thanks to <4 ways-voice> Indonesian version, you can click the image to read it.

Translation and book exchange

We are gonna put some children's documentary comic in Shelter of the Sky. If you are able to translate the Indonesian to Mandarin, you are welcome to exchange one offset comic book (once it is finished) with one to two pages translation of these children's comic .

If you are interested in it, please write to us and we'll send the requested content to you.

Madarin title for Shelter of the Sky

We choose 3 mandarin titles for Shelter of the Sky, if you can read Mandarin, please use 10 seconds to tell us which one you like.

Thank you very much!! Here is the google form.

New project in progress Shelter of the Sky

Here we present the new project Shelter of the Sky create with a group of Indonesian authors Vudu, Leo and Syswandi.

This is a story about 3 groups of children from Tasikmalaya, west Java of Indonsia, here you can see our protagonists on the photo.

For more information about this graphic documentary, please see this link.