Slowork Press - Olivier Schneider

Draft from Life around the tea

Life around the tea is (slowly) in progress with the spring tea 2014, but we are not gonna promise you the book will be release with which year's tea.....

These draft drawing will be in different pages.

Color working in progress...

Slowork limit their author to use only two color and the color of paper in their comic, this is a challenge for them. Olivier is trying to create much more than three levels with this condition, here is three phases of the development, it's not finish yet, see how rich we can make with two color!

Because of tea, Olivier choses the green, it looks easy to paint the nature in green, but how about the indoor scenes? Let's see, let's see ;)

Also, we can notice that the color and line have no divide, both colors could be the line or color ! So author cannot draw the line first than make the color at the end, he has to work it together, such a hard work right ? That is why you still have to wait for a long while !

Olivier's research

Olivier finished his last research for One Day of a Tea Producer in October, now he is going to make the story-bord when he has time out of his job, please be patient with our slow-work!

Article about tea producer WangBing

The Author Olivier Schneider, who is making a documentary about Puerh tea culture, is going to draw a documentary comic about the daily life of a small family producer in YiWu mountain.

Here is his article (En/Fr), which describe their background, their work, their tea garden and their tea.

For this, we have already been their home three times, and we will go back again in this autumn during the tea season for more preparation of this comic.