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Autographe event

Autographe event of Yang, Yu-chi: 2015/2/15 14:00-14:45

Place: Taipe World Trade Center Building 1, B311 Stand

We prepare two silk screen-printed cards for the first 30 reader!

[FACTORY] in Anguleme comic festival

[FACTORY] was presented in Anguleme comic festival with the other Taiwanese comic artists.

[FACTORY] offset re-edition

[Factory] was re-edited in offset version in 2015, this version - combined Mandarin, English and French texts - has a bigger size and some more finesse in the detail of drawing. Printed with a special pantone color, which is more intense than the quadric color. A whole new cover design with metal color and an subtle effect of snow with foil stamping in white color.

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The screenprinting process of FACTORY
Press - dpi (Taiwan) issue 183
Conference: of Yang Yu-chi

The last event of 2014 that Yu-chi will be present :

Conference at Le Pigeonnier book store Date: 2014/07/12 14:30 adresse: No. 9, Lane 97, SungChiang Road, Taipei, Tel : 02 25 17 26 16

more information here :

Event : Not a big issue


Independent art book fair "Not a big issue" in Taipei.

Where to buy 【FACTORY】?

This book on our online shop has been sold out, please check these bookstores and event :

Mandarin and english version is available at KUBRICK book store (Hong Kong).

The french version will be available at LA PIGEONNIER book store from july.(Taipei)

Yu-chi will present at -Not a bog issue- art book fair in Taipei, each version will be available. (Taipei)

These three places have very fews quantity, if you miss it, you can contact us or subscribe our newsletter to follow the next edition , Thanks for all your support.

Pre-sale of 【FACTORY】

The first graphic documentary of Slowork Publishing is coming in 10 days, here i propose a pre-sale for you, with a handmade limited present (100 pieces).

The first shipping will be organised around the May 15 .

Please check all the detail and the photo of book in this page.

Book binding of « FACTORY »

In the beginning, it was designed as accordion binding, and we use a 120g paper which can let reader turn the page more smoothly(which is very important for Yu-chi). One day in a bookstore in HK i realise if you make a accordion binding, you should use a very strong paper, otherwise, it could be very fragile (i saw a accordion binding book which was totally damaged).

So we went back to a firm book, easy to handle, easy to turn, well-protected.

To fix the book, we used a thick thread and sewing by a Singer machine.

To protect the book, we make two covers, the inside cover is Kusaka paper with a very soft texture ; the outside cover is a very industrial style silver paper with a 3 colors screen-printing.

Hope you keep this for 100 years!

coming soon

"FACTORY" ,whole book in screen-printing, three different versions in Mandarin, English and French is coming soon.

Cover design in progress

Ideas from Yu-chi, and some test from editor, we are still working on it, all advise is very welcome!!

FACTORY started to be printed!

Yu-Chi has finished his first graphic documentary "FACTORY" at the end of 2013.

After one year of preparation, our studio begin to screen-print "FACTORY" since one week, as you see on the photo. it's a long work because each page is printed by two hands from one person, who is also the editor ! After the Chinese new year, we still need 6-8 weeks to finish this books. So the publish date might be in april 2014.

FACTORY will be available in English, French and Mandarin, and derive on two kind of paper and two different colors. An exclusive surprise will also be available for the pre-sale on line. If you want to be the first to get the publish information, please subscribe our Newsletter!

FACTORY coloring and two color print test

The work "Factory" will also be 2 color screen printing, Yu-chi used to make something colorful with watercolor or acrylic, so this coloring way will be a challenge for him.

We have a first coloring test for P14, after page 14 we will use a clear grey-blue, click the picture to enlarge and see how light and ambiance change with his coloring !

pix1, positioning between the black line silk screen and the paper which was already printed the blue.

pix3, modification on the computer. The two color have to overlapping on their border, because screen printing can't be so precise. But we have to also consider about the form which is overlapping, because this part will be more brilliant and more thick.

Print test of 【Factory】

We got some line drawing of 【Factory】 , we hope to chose a kind of paper which can give some warm texture to this cold story. So here is the result, it looks really nice and give a warm touch when you read, but this paper absorb more ink, so sometime a bit of detail will get lost, it's such a difficult decision ...

New author : Yu-Chi, YANG

Today, Slowork would like to present our new author Yu-Chi, YANG and his documentary comic in progress 【Factory】.

About Yu-Chi
Work in progress : Factory